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The share of calendars in CDPVN resources amounts to more than 35%. 

By purchasing a Coup De Pouce calendar, you contribute in particular to financing education envelopes and improving the homes of sponsored families.

The illustrations are the work of photographers who generously donate their photos of Vietnam to the association.

Wall and easel calendars are available for sale at the beginning of December at a price of 250,000 VND (€11 + shipping costs for France).

For its sponsors and partners, CDPVN produces personalized easel calendars for a minimum order of 50 copies (personalized support with logo, contact details, presentation, etc.) at a unit price of 200,000 VND.

2019 calendar p.1.jpg
2022 calendar p.2.JPG
2019 calendar p.2.jpg
2022 calendar p.1.jpg
2022 calendar p.3.jpg


Some photos taken from our calendars

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