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The program

The family signs an agreement with Coup de Pouce, renewed each year, where everyone takes note of their duties and rights.

- Every month, Coup de Pouce distributes to the family 20 kg of rice, a so-called "grocery package" (oil, sugar, detergent, fish sauce, noodles) and a school envelope of 400,000 vnd (around 15 euros) - except in June and July, where there is no school. These distributions are also an opportunity to get news from the family and the child.


- An unannounced visit is carried out each year by members of Coup de Pouce, in order to take stock of family events, the help received, the family's projects and their living conditions. A report of this visit with photos is sent to the sponsor.

- In June, the family undertakes to give Coup de Pouce a copy of the child's grade book, proof that the child is in school, and signs the agreement for the following year.

Photos of Tet (Vietnamese New Year) 2016-2017 with sponsored families

Têt 2024
Etudiants 3 Têt 2024
CDP115 Têt 2024
CDP88 Tê 2024
Distri Têt 2024
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