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Student scholarships

To continue to support sponsored children wishing to pursue university studies or those wishing to move towards professional training, Coup de Pouce Vietnam created study and training scholarships in September 2015.
Since 2000, Coup de Pouce Vietnam (CDPVN) has helped more than 85 children pursue normal schooling. But the Vietnamese school remains very academic and studies beyond the baccalaureate are all the more expensive as the child would now be old enough to bring new income to his family. Since 2014, the CDPVN team has been thinking about different solutions to go beyond traditional sponsorship. But it was following the specific request of a sponsored family for professional training assistance that CDPVN set up a first scholarship at the start of the 2015-2016 school year. 

In 2023, 15 students are sponsored by the association.

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